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Civil Society

Meetings with representatives of non-govermental organizations and experts 

​        Civil society is one of the pillars of democracy. GISDI as a Bulgarian civil society organization, has always been emphasising on the role of nongovermental organizations in defence of human and civil rights of people in electoral compaign. GISDI understands its responsibility to Azerbaijan civil society in conducting the election observation mission – reporting findings and giving recommendations for further improvement. 

​        The Core Team of our election observation mission had meetings with Azerbaijani civil society organizations. Most of them are experienced election observer organizations and are registered to observe the Presidential elections.

​        We disscussed:
  • ​the social and political environment in Azerbaijan before the Presidential elections;
  • ​the role of Azerbaijani civil society in electoral process;
  • ​the electoral legislation and the efectiveness of Election Code and electoral administration;
  • ​domestic and international observation of Presidential elections;
  • ​voters education and awareness rising.

​List of Interlocutors

  • Mrs. Vusala Huseynova - Chairwoman of the “Democratic Reformist Youth” Public Union
  • Mr. Alimammad Nuriyev - President of the “Constitution” research foundation
  • Prof. Kamil Salimov - Chairman of the “Prison Watch” Public Union
  • Mr. Shahin Jamalov - President of the “Human Rights - XXI century” Azerbaijan Foundation
  • Mrs. Naila Ismayilova - Chairwoman of the “New Life” Humanitarian and Social Support Public Union
  • Mr. Rauf Zeyni - President of the National NGO Forum
  • Mr. Asif Asgarov - Chairman of the Azerbaijan Democratic Students' Youth Organization
  • Mr. Vugar Bayramo - Director of the Center for Economic and Democratic Development
  • Mrs. Ludmila Khalilova - Chairwoman of the “Women for Development of the Municipalities” Public Union
  • Mr. Azer Hasret - “Central Asian and Southern Caucasian Freedom of ExpressionNetwork” Public Union
  • Mr. Ibrahim Aliyev - President of the "Applied Research Foundation"
  • Mr. Umud Mirzayev - Chairman -of the "International Eurasia Press Fund"
  • Mr. Mushfig Alasgarli - Chairman of the "Journalists Trade Union"
  • Prof. Tamam Jafarova - Universtet Education Women's Society Public Union
  • Mr. Ramil Isghandarli - Legal Analysis and Research Public Union
  • Mr. Sahib Mammadov - Executive Committee for Protection of Labor Rights of Citizens
  • Mr. Mubariz Ahmadoghlu - Center for Political Innovation and Technology
  • Mr. Gorkhmaz İbrahimli - Democratic Election Center
  • Mr. Ahmad Alili - Center for Economic and Social Development

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