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Media representatives

Meetings with media representatives and journalists

        Freedom of expression and freedom of the media are essential to democratic process. The media have an important role to play during any election campaign. Considereing this, GISDI has developed a methodology for media monitoring in election compaign. It allows us to assess the participation of media in election campaign and to reccomend some further steps for improvement.  

        The Core Team of our election ovservation mission met some media representatives and journalists. 

​        We disscussed:

  • ​Azerbaijani media freedom and ownership;
  • ​Legal frame of media durring election compaign;
  • Free air time and space for the candidates;
  • ​Payed covering of compaign;
  • ​Voter education and awareness rising programs.

Our Interlocutors

  • Mr. Rustam Ibadov - Khazar TV
  • Mr. Bakhtiyar Mammadlı - Kaspi Newspaper
  • Mr. Elgun Masimov - AzNews.az (private)
  • Mr. Aligismat Badalov - Khalg Newspaper
  • Mrs. Malahat Najafova - APA (private)
  • Mr. Anar Yusfoghlu - ITV (private)
  • Mr. Shahin Sajdarov - APA (private)
  • Mr. Mahammad Narimanoghlu - “Azerbaijan” Newspaper (government daily)
  • Mrs. Naila Hasanova - CBC TV (private)
  • Mr. Agil Bakirov - Telegraf Holding
  • Mr. Parvin Asgerli - Azad Azarbaycan ATV (private)

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