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Political Partes

Meetings with representatives of Azerbaijani political parties 

   ​         Political parties are key election stakeholders. The Republic of Azerbaijan currently accounts for more than 55 political parties registered by the state. Only 6 of them have registered candidates at the Early Presidential Elections. 
  • New Azerbaijan Party (YAP)
  • Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (ASDP)
  • Popular Front of Unified Azerbaijan Party (BAXCP)
  • National Revival Movement Party (MDHP)
  • Modern Equality Party (MMP)
  • Azerbaijan Democratic Party (ADP)

        The Core Team of our election ovservation mission had meetings with representatives of the some Azerbaijani political parties.

        We disscussed:
  • ​political and economic context of the presidential electon ccampaign;
  • ​effectiveness of the electoral legal framework and election managing bodies;
  • ​nomination and registration of candidates;
  • participation of women and minoritties in political and civil life of Azerbaijan.

Our interlocutors

  • Mrs. Sevinc Fataliyeva - New Azerbaijan Party
  • Mrs. Saadat Huseynova - Social Welfare Party
  • ​Mr. Elchin Mirzabayli - Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party
  • ​Mr. Elnur Valiyev - Azerbaijan Social-Democratic Party
  • Mr. Thamaz Mammadov - Azerbaijan Social-Democratic Party
  • Mr. Tahir Karimli - Vahdat (Unity) Party
  • Mr. Khanhuseyn Kazimli - Social Welfare Party
  • Mr. Elshan Musayev - Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party
  • Mr. Fuad Aliyev - The Liberal Democratic Party of Azerbaijan
  • ​Mr. Gulamhuseyn Alibayli - The Intellectuals Party

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